Today the process of globalization is inevitable and important stage in the development of all spheres of our life: cultural, economical and political. Plastic surgery is not an exception. Ukrainian plastic surgeons need to exchange experiences with the international community of plastic surgeons  and must meet the requirements of modern patients regarding the quality and safety of the surgery, also to have an opportunity of presenting Ukrainian plastic surgery at international conferences. Especially this became urgent after Ukraine joined European Union Association. With this purpose was established the Ukrainian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (USAPS). This is public, non-profit organization, whose mission is the integration of Ukrainian plastic surgeons into international community that will:

  • Improve the professional level of plastic surgeons in Ukraine
  • Bring into the practice of Ukrainian plastic surgeons, the international treatment standards
  • To provide maximum safety for patients

The solution of these problems contributes to the USAPS President, who is elected once in two years. USAPS members become as young, as experienced progressive plastic surgeons, who constantly study and implement the most modern technologies in their practice.