Points for learning

BPD – is a continuous professional development for doctors. Thanks to him, doctors can constantly improve their knowledge and skills, as well as use the points obtained for their own certification. Free choice of topics, activities, training format and educational service providers – instead of standard training for proforma. During the year, the doctor must score at least 50 BPD points. The number of points depends on the format of the event. We tell you how many points and for what doctors can get.

This year, all doctors will need to include at least 50 points of continuous professional development in their personal educational portfolio. For those who are certified in 2022, these can be points obtained in 2020 or 2021. For physicians who significantly exceed the quantitative and qualitative requirements for BPD, there is a possibility of extraordinary receipt of the highest category.

When you complete any USAPS training, you get from 10 to 25 points.

More https://moz.gov.ua/article/for-medical-staff/bpr-skilki-baliv-i-za-scho-narahovujutsja-likarjam 




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