Vasyl Khrapach
President of USAPS,
MD, professor

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am honored to present you the Ukrainian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon – an organization aimed to develop Ukrainian plastic surgery and protect patient’s interests.

Ideological inspirers and founders of USAPS – group of high experienced plastic surgeons. Today we have already conducted dozens of educational events, involving best world known plastic surgeons to improve skills and safety level of plastic surgery. The consolidation of our forces in USAPS will strengthen and uphold international practices in Ukraine bringing Ukrainian plastic surgery’s quality, safety and market growth on a par with the developed countries – USA, South Korea, etc.  That is why members of USAPS are progressive and as young, as already experienced plastic surgeons open for learning and constant improvement.

My goal as President of the USAPS is to maximize the achievements of the Society’s objectives. First of all, it is the integration of the Ukrainian plastic surgery into international community, medical practice changes, education, information accessibility, the possibility for self-realization, opening the opportunity for Ukrainian experts to study abroad to reach western colleagues level.

This Society will continue the democratic tradition of the “Club of plastic surgeons” and increase opportunities for its members in the field of training, legal protection and international cooperation.

Let’s move to the future together!

Vasyl Khrapach,

President of USAPS, MD, professor