The School of Plastic Surgery by Pavel Denischuk with Jonathan Sykes and Enoc Chambi

March 18, 2018, the 8th practical master class of Pavel Denischuk, Ph.D., the National Secretary of ISAPS, a member of the Presidium of USAPS, was held at his School of Plastic Surgery. The theme of the master class was “Blepharoplasty (upper, lower blepharoplasty)”. The master class was held with the support of USAPS (Ukrainian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons).

Except Pavel Denischuk, the founder of the School of Plastic Surgery, who shared his skills in the master class, the participation of famous plastic surgeons from California, USA – Jonathan Sykes, plastic surgeon, director of the UC Davic Medical Center, the owner of more than 85 scientific papers and publications, and Enok Chambi, an expert in anatomy of the face, who for the first time in the world successfully transplanted a person using advanced methods of face rejuvenation, recognized in Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Europe and the United States, a student of the “father” of aesthetic surgery Dr. Io Pittanga, was surpize for the students.

The program of a one-day master class consisted of both theoretical part and practical – three operations were done: blafaroplasty and ligature lifting, lower blepharoplasty with cantopexy. Sixteen surgeons took part in the training, some of them had an opportunity to practice in the operating room, and the rest were trained with translation from the operating room.

The advantages of training in the School of Plastic Surgery of Pavel Denischuk is the acquisition of both theoretical knowledge shared by Pavel Denischuk, a surgeon with 20 years of practical experience, and the possibility of an independent operation under the strict control of an experienced surgeon. Each graduate of the School of Plastic Surgery is guaranteed consultative support after graduation.

The School of Plastic Surgery by Pavel Denischuk – https://www.facebook.com/ShkolaPlastDenishchuka/